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Image by Lionel HESRY Star Quadrant Omega

Star Quadrant Omega

Book About spaceships and sci-fi mysteries
Explore the uncharted reaches of  Star Quadrant Omega - Where the adventure begins.
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Star Quadrant Omega - Stars and Space
Star Quadrant Omega - Stars and Space

About the Book

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The year is 410 AD. In the ancient land of Scotland, the bloodline of a warrior family transcends into the future, after standing their ground against the mighty Roman Empire. Star Quadrant Omega takes place in the year 2217 when an only child named Johnathan Shawnwood survives the tragedy of the ill-fated spaceship Andromeda on its maiden voyage to colonize planet Mars. Separated from his parents, when the spacecraft Andromeda is carried light years away in a solar storm from its Mars orbit past Alpha- Centauri to the Cantious-Omega Star System. As an adult, young Johnathan finds himself fighting for freedom and the woman he loves. His bloodline defies his adversaries only to help him reach his destiny in a world dominated by Androidian life.

Stars and Sci - Fi
Space Supernova
Star Formation
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Pages: 482

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

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